Preserve the Job of Dedicated Teacher Michael Castano

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Due to budget cuts, the Timberlane community is in danger of losing some of its best teachers. Included in this group of people is Michael Castano, an English teacher at the high school. The 2017-2018 school year was Castano’s first year teaching at Timberlane, and he has already had an vast impact on the school community. Holding leadership positions in organizations such as the Milkmen (an improvisational group), the Timberlane Players (the school’s drama organization), and Project Hope (organization raising money and awareness for cancer), Castano’s dedication to the school is extensive. As a teacher, Castano is hard working, creative, and passionate, and he is a true inspiration to students and teachers alike. We, as a student body, are urging the Timberlane School Board chair Susan Sherman and Timberlane superintendent Earl Metzler to reconsider their choice to let go Castano, and recognize the immense benefit Castano adds to the school. Teachers like Castano are the future of Timberlane, and it is our responsibility to ensure that we don’t lose such an incredible asset. 

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