27 June 2020
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Started by Shareef Ahmed

During this critical situation due to the covid-19 ,the Hyderabad a state in Telangana become a major hotspot for the covid-19 infection disease

As this infection disease is rapidly increasing day by day 

TS government saying that there is unavailability of slots for next two months for eamceE examination

But sir as exam are not more important than the lives of the students for #BangaruTelangana

We the 2lakhs students not want to become a host and a medium for spreading of the covid-19 infection disease

We the students and our parents are affraid and not allowing to write the exam in this critical situation

Our dream may not come true ;as this infection disease may effect our life; our parents;our neighbours....etc

Hope the TS government postpone the TS EAMCET

For the lives of the students



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Signatures: 5Next Goal: 10
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