Support the Decision to Implement Ealing's Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs)

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The objection to the implementation of LTNs in Ealing is visible, but I don't believe these people represent the majority opinion.  This petition is the positive voice of the people who support the LTNs and the benefits they bring to our community, such as:

  • A reduction in air pollution
  • Creating more relaxed spaces for people to walk, cycle and generally use the streets in a more positive way
  • Encouraging the shift to greener modes of transport that have long term environmental benefits
  • Clearing the roads for vehicles that require essential (e.g. emergency and utility) access

The aim of this petition is to demonstrate that the desire to keep the LTNs is strong, and that the overwhelming majority of our community are in favour of keeping them to permanently improve the environment we live in.