Stop the Tower Block in Arden Road, Protect our Church, Community and future Generations.

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The aim of this petition is to stop plans by Ealing Council to build an 8-storey tower block on the car park in Arden Road.
The proposed construction will damage our neighbourhood by increasing pollution, noise, and congestion to our community.
The planned 8-storey building, which will contain 31 flats, ignores the existing building lines and is completely out of proportion compared to the two-storey homes around the Church and Arden Road. The walls of the new building will be just feet from those of the Church, narrowing the fire escape and potentially putting members lives at risk 
Fewer parking spaces means Ealing Nationalist Spiritual Church's diverse membership will struggle to attend services, weddings and funerals destroying the dignity of these occasions.
The tower block will cast long shadows on the Church, nearby homes and our beloved Oasis Garden. Its plants will likely die due to lack of daylight and increased pollution from the building - the church’s trees will likely suffer the same fate. 10 years of dedicated, careful nurturing by local residents will be lost. The garden’s serene atmosphere which was created by the community for the community will be contaminated by bins proposed next to the garden attracting vermin and nasty smells. Building right up to the boundary creates blind spots for drivers potentially endangering pedestrians’, cyclists and other driver’s lives.
Noise levels will significantly increase as rubbish collections for the building is set to be conducted on Arden Road.
Parking will become virtually impossible. Local shops and restaurants will have nowhere for their customers to park and that will be detrimental to their businesses.
We need to protect our Church, our Oasis Garden, Local Business and our Environment for future generations.

Please sign this petition to make your voices heard and prevent Ealing Council building this monstrous development. By signing this petition you are objecting to the proposed development.
We elect the local councils - it is high time that they listened to our voices and showed an understanding of what the people of Ealing want.

Thank you in advance.