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The building named in this planning application opened in 1935 as an Odeon cinema but reopened as the Starlite Ballroom in 1964. It hosted performances by some of the greatest names in modern music during the 1960s, among them The Who, Pink Floyd, Cream and David Bowie. We urge Ealing Council to support the preservation of this asset for use by the community and to exploit its considerable potential to attract tourist revenue to the London Borough of Ealing ( 1) There is worldwide interest in the UK's music heritage sites but Ealing Council has yet to take full advantage of this. The Starlite's location close to Sudbury Town Station allows it to be reached easily from central London as well as from the growing number of hotels in Ealing which accommodate British and international tourists. The Starlite Ballroom is only one of a number of sites that would be of interest to visitors to Greenford and could be part of a tourist trail connecting it with Hanwell and Ealing. The Mayor of London said he would consider promoting a music heritage trail through the borough earlier this year (16/1/2014, Vanessa Feltz Show, BBC 94.9) but there would not be any point in doing this if there is nothing left to see. 2) The preservation and promotion of the Starlite Ballroom would lead to the creation of jobs, increase footfall for local businesses and enhance the value of residential properties close to it, playing a part in the regeneration of Greenford as well as having a positive economic impact on the the wider borough. 3) The restoration of its combined 1930s and 1960s Modernist architecture would reinforce the local distinctiveness of the area, something that would be lost forever if it were to be replaced with a block of flats. 4) It is the only large venue of its kind left in Greenford suitable for concerts, the stage at Greenford Hall is regarded as too high for that kind of event. 5) It has considerable potential for combined use as a combined community/arts centre and a commercial site, particularly because of its proximity to Sudbury Town Underground station. There is nothing of that kind in the area at the moment but there are successful examples of similar projects such as Rich Mix London ( 6) Residents have been asking for a local bus service connecting them with Ealing which would be justified and supported by the presence of the Starlite. 7) If a block of flats replaces it there will be an increased concentration of residents needing more services, especially if they are bought to let and shared by multiple tenants, at a time when they are already stretched to breaking point. 8) It is highly likely that each new resident will own a car and as a result there could be a significant increase in the number of vehicles parked in the streets around it. Parking is already a problem there and fourteen off street spaces will not meet the needs of new residents. 9) Its use as a community centre would lead to an increase in pedestrian traffic, benefiting the small businesses around it. 10) New residents are more likely to do their regular weekly shopping at large supermarkets, rather than the small shops in its immediate vicinity. If Ealing Council genuinely supports the preservation of music heritage in the borough and wants to regenerate Greenford it will deny this application and take steps to preserve the Starlite Ballroom.

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