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Investigate the reasoning as to why Mrs. Glaser was put on administrative leave and why staff and/or parents weren't notified or told anything when asked. Also investigate all complaints the district has received about the Principal, Mrs. Maurer.

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On January 28, 2015, Mrs. Kourtney Glaser, Comanche Springs Elementary Assistant Principal, was at a meeting in the district with the school Principal Mrs. Katy Maurer.  Mrs. Glaser experienced heavy female bleeding and had to excuse herself to clean up and left early so she could go to the emergency room.  After being seen at the hospital, it was determined that Mrs. Glaser's IUD had become embedded in her left uterine wall, which was responsible for the heavy bleeding.  The next day, January 29, Mrs. Glaser returned to work.  Mr. Daniel Gallagher, Director of Elementary Services, and Mrs. Maurer sat her down that afternoon--after working a full day--stating that they did not believe her about the bleeding--as he had gone through the trash in the women's bathroom for "evidence"--and that this was really because of her anxiety.  That evening, around 6:00PM, Mrs. Glaser received a phone call from Mr. Gallagher stating that she was being placed on administrative leave due to what had transpired the previous day.

Mrs. Glaser's reason for administrative leave was not documented in writing to her until February 11, 2015.  In this letter it was stated that Mrs. Glaser has demonstrated behaviors while at work that prevent her from being able to perform her job satisfactorily.  These "behaviors" are severe anxiety that cause female bleeding.  The district is requiring that Mrs. Glaser get an opinion from an OB/Gynecologist of her choice as to her ability to perform her duties as an Elementary Assistant Principal in regard to her symptoms of female bleeding in December and January.  They also requested she see Dr. James E. Williams, a psychotherapist, to gain his opinion on Mrs. Glaser's ability to perform her job.  However, it has been discovered that Dr. Williams is practicing illegally in the state of Texas without a certificate.

It is believed that Mrs. Glaser was placed on administrative leave as an act of retaliation for voicing her concerns about the climate of the school and the actions of Mrs. Maurer.  Mrs. Glaser shared her concerns with Mr. Gallagher on December 5, 2014.  It is known that Mrs. Maurer had a conversation with Mr. Gallagher on the morning of December 6 about these concerns.

Some issues/incidents that have been documented by Mrs. Glaser include, but are not limited to:

*  Alleged nicknames and name calling of parents and staff--"dyke mom", "hot firefighter dad", "fucktard", "meth mouth mom", "the (teacher) who has herpes...", "the (teacher) who went to an insane assylum..."

*  Mrs. Maurer has allegedly stated that she can easily get rid of teachers that she doesn't want around.  She knows where teachers go for happy hour, and she can have her husband--who is a police officer--wait outside for them, then get them on DWI charges when they leave.

*  Mrs. Maurer has allegedly had Mrs. Glaser and other staff dial numbers from her personal phone bill after using *67 to see who answers.  She is attempting to find out who her husband is talking to.  This is being done during school hours.

*  Mrs. Maurer allegedly granted teacher requests to a particular parent.  As an attempt to be vindictive towards "dyke mom"--because she went to Hawaiian Falls with current and former teachers--she decided to place the child with a different teacher, then proceeded to tell the parent not to talk to other teachers and parents about the situation.

*  Mrs. Maurer, as a fear tactic, has allegedly told teachers that she knows their family situation and she knows they cannot afford to not have their job.

*  Mrs. Maurer allegedly drank a glass of wine at Mrs. Glaser's home before the PTA meeting on September 8, 2014.

*  Mrs. Maurer allegedly made teacher Laura Hrabal the UEA representative for the campus in an effort to scare teachers from reporting anything.

*  Mrs. Maurer allegedly allowed a Caucasian mom to sell items in the school lounge, but prohibited an African American mom from doing the same.

*  There is a campus playbook with guidelines for the campus.  It states that teachers are not allowed to speak negatively about the school.  Apparently a teacher has been written up for this.

*  Mrs. Maurer has allegedly told teachers which parents they can and cannot be friends with on FB and outside of school.  She has also stated that staff members' kids should only play with other staff members' kids--not anyone else from their class.

On a more personal note, several parents and I spoke out against Mrs. Maurer in June of 2014 after many good teachers decided to transfer to another school or leave the district.  We called Mr. Daniel Gallagher, who had just been promoted to Director of Elementary Services.  Our concerns were validated, and we were all told our conversations were confidential and that everything would be investigated.  However, it was witnessed that Mr. Gallagher called Mrs. Maurer and told her the details and the names of all the parents who complained.   Parents have also been called into Mrs. Maurer's office and questioned as to who they are talking to and hanging out with.

Since becoming the Principal at Comanche Springs Elementary school in 2012, I know of 19 staff members who have left the campus to find a position elsewhere in the district or outside of the district.  Some staff members just "disappeared" without any discussion.  The climate at Comanche Springs Elementary is very negative and threatening.  Parents and teachers live in fear of retaliation.  Our test scores are some of the lowest in the district, which is a reflection of poor leadership.  Our kids deserve more.

We ask that the district investigate all of the complaints that they have received from parents and teachers.  It seems as if all complaints and concerns are being headed off by Mr. Gallagher.  We would also like Mrs. Glaser's reason for administrative leave to be investigated.

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