Eager to remake or sequel of "Macross"! Expected to masterpiece of birth beyond the Gundam

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Large content "Macros" series that 40 years are going to pass soon after being loved . The other day, two special programs were broadcast on NHK - BS . In addition, this year (2019) will be the year of commemoration of Purodebyu 40 anniversaryof Kawamori Shoji supervision.

Now, Macross is on the rise .

I would like Kawamori to take Macross remakes for this commemorative year . I would like you to create a sequel. I would like to see the new era of "new Macross" of Dewa!

This is a signature page requesting remakes of existing works and production of sequels .

  How to sign is easy . Just tap "Now buy" at the bottom of the page .

※ This signature will be handed over to Kawamori or related persons at Shoji Kawamori EXPO, which will be held at Tokyo Dome from May 31st .



[The attraction of Macross]

Mechas that deform , "songs" that color the story , and love stories by triangular relations . Furthermore, the beauty of the film and the high-quality music have attracted many fans, such as a powerful battle scene against the backdrop ofthe universe and a lively singing scene .

My own history of Macross is 40 years. It was the beginning when I met "Super Space Fortress Macross" in the first grade of elementary school . In the triangular relationship between Lin Min Mei and Ichijo Teru, and Hayase Miyu, the battle with the Zentraj army ... I was excited to see even though I was still a young child ! In addition, the song by Lin Min Mei was also inspiring.

Another favorite work is "Macros 7". At the age of 20 , she was serious and thrilled to sing on the battlefield of the hot air Basara and Milene Flare Genus . I thought, "This is the royal road of Macross ! "

I was addicted to Macross and also participated in related events. At that time, I met with Mari Iijima Haruhiko Mikimoto destination students and phosphorus Minmay the role of the character design. Ten years ago at the Kizuna event, I was blessed with the opportunity to let Mr. Shoji Kawamori talk directly about the remake signature activity, but at the time it was too busy to be realized.

[Remake and sequel to the original member! ]

This signature is a revenge for the first time in 10 years.

Kawamori supervision, which is a concept designer Kazuki Miyatake teacher has professed to be "informal and wo including secondary creation" Macross "". However, as a still image with the inclusion of the world view of supervision,because "I want to watch a" director of Macross "!" Is or would not wish the fan. I have also a strong desire the sequel to Macross on that drew the attention of the director. In addition, I would like to have staff and cast as much as possible be made with original members of past works.


[Sgoes of past work seen from all the poll results ]

By "all Macross vote" In the voting of up to about one month of May 4 days, "work", "character", "mechanical" voting results of each "song" is announced, this program "Ma cross" is still I was informed that it was supported by many fans .

The results of the poll show that characters from the first " Super Space Fortress Macross " such as "Lin Min Mei" ( 4th ) and "Roy Focker" (6th) are still very popular. On the other hand, the hot air Basara of " Macros 7 " broadcasted in1994 is the second place in the majestic. Past work also contemporary works and parallel beauty, it has been loved.

Reference: Poll results (excerpt)

<Source: All Macross Major Polls ( NHK ) https://www.nhk.or.jp/anime/macross/ >


■        Anime work

1st place Macross F

Do you remember the 2nd place super space-time fortress Macross love ・

3rd place Macross 7

4th Movie version Macross F ~ Sayonara no Tsubasa ~

5th super space-time fortress Macross

<Vote results: anime work https://www.nhk.or.jp/anime/macross/ranking/?cat=series >

■ Character

1st Cheryl Nome

2nd place hot air Basara

Rank 3 Ranka Lo

4th Cheryl Nome

5th place Kaname ・ Buccaneer

6th Lin Min Mei

<Vote result: Character https://www.nhk.or.jp/anime/macross/ranking/?cat=series >

■ Mecha

1st YF-19

2nd place VF-1S Valkyrie (Fokker machine)

Third place YF-29 Durandal (Alto machine)

4th place VF-19 breaks Excalibur "hot air Basara Special"

5th VF-1S Strike Valkyrie (Fokker machine)

<Vote results: mechanism https://www.nhk.or.jp/anime/macross/ranking/?cat=series >

■ Song

# 1 Do you remember love? < By Lynn Minmei (Makoto Iijima)>

2nd place lion < by Cheryl Nome starring May'n / Ranka Lee (love Nakajima)>

3rd Assault Love Heart   < By Fire Bomber >

4th interstellar flight < by Langa Lee (Ai Nakajima)>

# 5 Goodbye to the end of triangle < by Sheryl Nome starring May'n / Lanca Lee (Nakajima Ai)>

<Vote result: song https://www.nhk.or.jp/anime/macross/ranking/?cat=series >


[Also that hit maker for production]

Evangelion's director Hideaki Kanno has also been involved in the production of the Super Dimension Fortress Macross. In addition, Ichino Itano, known for his powerful scene called "Itano Circus" with speedy and aquabatic production, produced "Mobile Suit Gundam" in front of Macross .

It is "Gundam" is rehash of the ridiculed "Macross", but matter of fact animation representative of the Japan Ta was created to participate, the masterpiece that is not as good as "Gundam".


[ The world of Macross where various remakes can be considered ]

The Macross series has been developing in a new world-view for 40 years, but it is a situation where past works have been left as past works without much mention of the “ after ” of each work .

In addition, each work, may not be drawn is clear and the consequences to the end, I think that it also is a factor of the hit that remembering finish. And, it is also sure this is easy to make a sequel situation in reverse.  

That's why I want you to remake ! Modern technology in the beautiful images that make full use of Teru Ichijo and phosphorus Minmay, want to see the love patterns and Valkyrie battle of Misa Hayase! Rock soul with the heart of Macross 7 again!

Then and of "Macross Flash Back2012" for the sequel, such as the whereabouts of love, which has been depicted darker in the "Macross F", things that answer work is required there are many.

In addition, for example, "Macross FB7 Orenoutawokike!" To "Macross 7" with the collaboration of "Macross F" in "collaboration" it might be interesting that the new work in the form of.


[About Shoji Kawamori EXPO ]

Shoji Kawamori's exhibition "Shoji Kawamori EXPO" will be held from May 31 , 2019 at Tokyo Dome City. Exhibition of this also for us press our backs.

■ The “Genius” Shoji Kawamori has changed the world with songs and transformations 40 years of footsteps Macross, Aquarion, and to the future [Kawamori Shoji EXPO]


The original, director, script, storyboards, and mechanical design "Kinatsu" Kawamori Masaharu. 
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the pro debut, we have gathered hundreds of design drawings, storyboards, idea notes, etc. of works that have been involved so far! 
We will exhibit original works such as the original video by Masaharu Kawamori.


・ Venue: Tokyo Dome City Gallery AaMo (Gallery Armo) 
    Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Koraku 1-3 -61

- Date and time: May 31, 2019 (Friday) to June 23 (Sunday) 10:00 to 20:00

     ※ Every Monday 10:00 to 19:00 during the period

     ※ The last entrance is half an hour before closing

     ※ May 31 (Fri) is open at 13 o'clock

・ Advance ticket (tax included):

■ Admission ticket: ¥ 1,800 / with audio guide: ¥ 2,600 
  ※ You can not view the "K-40 Dome Theater".

■ Admission ticket with K-40 dome theater: ¥ 2,200 / with audio guide: ¥ 3,000 
  ※ It is an admission ticket that you can appreciate "K-40 dome theater".

■ [Advance only] Admission ticket with limited luxury goods: ¥ 27,000 (with audio guide) 
  ※ Admission ticket with limited luxury goods is sale only for advance sale <limited amount> 
  ※ It is an admission ticket that you can appreciate "K-40 dome theater".

< Source: Kawamori Shoji EXPO   https://kawamoriexpo.jp/s/ex01/?ima=2608 >


[Your signature handed to Kawamori]

Of course I will go to the Shoji Kawamori EXPO , and I plan to hand over this signature directly to the director or concerned parties .

Shoji Kawamori EXPO for broadcasting special feature programs on NHK . "Macross" remake and new make the situation of are equipped to not be more. Now is your chance!

I want you to make a masterpiece that exceeds Gundam and Evangelion! This signature is the first step for that.

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