Travel Companies to Change mention in their itineraries from Wagah to Atari Border

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*Atari* - Indian Name
Wagah - Pak side name.

How often have you heard the word Atari? Hardly ever.

The place where the border check post is built was called Atari in honour of the great *Sardar Shyam Singh Atari*, who was a chief in the great Sikh Army of *Maharaja Ranjit Singh*. The history is filled with the stories of bravery of these brave and fearless Sardars who had defeated the coward Jehadis.

All offices of the Govt, like the immigration, customs etc are are located in Atari.

Choose to refer to this place as the Atari border thereby honouring the great Sardar Shyam Singh Atari.

Next time, when we wish to visit, or wish to refer to that Great place, let's talk about it correctly and honour the name of our brave legend *"Atari"*