Justice for Madhu

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Our sister from Raichur district was raped, brutally murdered, forced to write a death note mentioning its suicide coz of back logs! Thats a clear no go because she had cleared all her subjects! This petition is for her, MADHU, our sister, a civil engineering student, many big VIP 's  and police are trying to close this case as suicide even though when her body was found after 3 days of searching, hanged on a tree in middle of forest, raped and burnt her to death, slicing her left arm, on the very first view, it clearly can be seen as murder, but some corrupt leaders and police in greed of money, are trying to close this case as suicide, i request everyone of you to please sign this petition and help me reach out the possible authorities to impact a clear investigation on this case and punish the People who are found guilty! Lets take out time to reach out for #justiceformadhu she didnt deserve this death! All we  Indians who use to promise that all Indians are our brothers and sisters shall take that responsibility today for our sister Madhu and sign this petition for justice. We have viraled many things and shared just because of fun. Now let's take some time and fight for Madhu.  If we remain quiet, Things like these will start to take place every where, every place and all time, let's raise voice and fight for our sisters , hope all of you will help me to provide justice for her and her family!