Change Obi Wan's German Voice in Battlefront 2

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Hey dear Battlefront 2 Team. I dont know if u can do anything about the following but it is very important for the German Scene. The Obi Wan Voice Actor in Germany isnt the right one. (Philip Moog is the on from Clone Wars who shouldve been used). There is a lot of backlash on social media platforms from german fans. We want Philip Moog. Im not saying the currently used actor is a bad voice actor... but his voice doesnt fit Obi Wan. The current actor sounds almost childish and its importan that Phillip Moog gives his voice to the german Obi Wan because its so iconic. You can see on different social media platforms or youtubers that im not the only one disliking the current voice of Obi-Wan. I think you wouldnt understand how much this means to me and the german fanbase. Please contact ea germany so that they can do something about this. We all would be very pleased to be playing with Obi Wan. His voice is very important and iconic. Would love some support from the other people. This is a big problem for us germans please help out! Thank you