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Get Football Hooliganism on Fifa

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Fifa over the last few years even with the new changes has become abit boring. I think to solve this issue EA should add a Hooliganism mode for Career. When you start a career you create your manager or your player and a fan, and after you play a match you can choose whether or not to engage in a fan firm fight. You can either start as leader of a firm or start from the bottom and make your way up to leader. When your fan dies, you will lose the brawl. The fan can either use his fist or environmental objects, or can either buy weapons from the local store with money made from winning fights. I think this would help Fifa become fresh and exciting and will stop it from becoming boring and eventually go to the point where no one will play it. This will really do good for the game and get people who have maybe never played it before into the game.

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