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I am really astounded how CAREER MODE is not being taken care of properly by listening to all of the comments of all the players.

EA has shown to care more about FUT, VOLTA which concern microtransactions. Does that mean that since Career mode has no microtransaction EA is going to take us fans as fools and ignore these issues?

I can't believe how such a big company like EA could turn career mode into such a mess. Some community manager should respond to this because this isn't what we paid our money for. It's honestly pathetic, even on YouTube there are videos being made about this and it's honestly a big joke.

Seems like EA only cares on the features like FUT that makes them earn even more money from microtransaction when career mode is being left on the shelf to rot.

You can find great developers on websites like, how can they create better faces, models than EA's toughly selected graphic modelers?

I really would like our voices to be heard, moreover, writing on the EA Community website doesn't seem to help, we have not seen any improvements and are still waiting for a proper Career Mode to be made.

At the following link you can find a thread of all the major issues shown in FIFA 20 Career mode. Support us by signing this petition and we will change it to the better to make a game FINALLY WORTH BUYING!