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Return Unlimited Pro Packs to Madden Mobile

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Madden NFL Mobile is a game which many a plenty would cherish and dedicate time upon to drown out a day’s sorrows and simply “have a good time.” One important aspect of that is opening Pro Packs, a very valuable tool that you as a service have provided for your dedicated gamers. Pro Packs are among the most beloved in-game features and have been so since the dawn of Madden Mobile. They are so beloved, in fact, that people are willing to spend long days and nights opening them in order to attempt pulling one or two worthwhile players from the game.

Removing the “unlimited” feature of Pro Packs is very shameful as many a plenty will not play this mobile pastime any longer if this fact continues to be prevalent. So now, we as a community, the Madden Mobile community, ask that you, Electronic Arts, return Pro Packs as an unlimited commodity for those who can afford them and those who figurately cannot alike. This is a very critical instant in the existence of Madden NFL Mobile, and failure to successfully grant the players’ necessity of potential unlimited Pro Pack openings will lead to an irreparable exodus of the gaming masses.

Thank you for your time.

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