Support us for Pet Society {Old Facebook Nostalgia Games}

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Firstly: Hello there.. We know that many Old Facebook Games are closed. This situation has upset many Facebook users. My goal is to see Old Facebook Games again between our applications.

About Pet Society: This game is a social simulation game.. You can design your own house, you can participate in social activities, and it's a great game to play in leisure time.

Our Request: A little effort and support, a game that can be brought back. The campaign will never escape and will continue (As long as there is no problem). Those who want to return this legendary game, Do not forget to support.

Message to EA Games and Playfish: Developers, There are many people who want this game you know it.. I do not think that this little game is a hassle to stop again on Facebook.. You can cross the deal rules and put the game back..I think this closure decision is unnecessary.. And the technology is now more advanced. I think you're going to have a financial damage if you put the game back on.. I therefore request.... At least you can re-publish the game for nostalgia. ^ - ^


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