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Support the Playstation Vita 2017

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We PSP Vita Players ask for developers in 2017 and the near future to bring "AAA" games back into the PSP Vita.  We have a beautiful system filled with loyal gamers and all we ask is that you support us. We are hungry for games like Sonic Mania, GTA Mobile, Fifa 18, The Wolf Among Us 2, Horror Games, Puzzle games, Adventure Games, Killzone type games, Sci-Fi Type games. Don't leave the PSP Vita Community developers!!! We are a loyal fanbase and will pay for new upcoming games. This is 2017 and the Vita is still alive! We want the Last of Us 2, Bioshock, Battlefield, Spyro, and so much more titles for the PSP Vita. EA games as well!!!! Tony Hawk!! The PSP Vita is not dead and with this petition, we will show you our community pledge and our loyal fan base. We honestly just want your support to make the PSP Vita even better and we know that you guys are capable of porting games to our system. We will buy your games. You still have an audience don't forget about us, please. Thankyou all your Sony community gamers. 

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