Pronoun Options for Trans and Non-Binary Sims in The Sims 4

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Thank you

It has officially been two weeks since I created this petition. I have been campaigning for pronouns in The Sims 4 on twitter for 38 days as of today.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who is supporting this. Trans and Non-Binary folx are used to having our voices shut down and being told we do not matter. This is why I did not think this campaign would be at the point where it currently is and for that I am so incredible grateful.

I am grateful for everyone sharing this and spreading it around. I am grateful to all the ally's who are uses their voices to uplift the voices of us trans and non-binary folx. I am grateful to all the people I have looked up to in the sims community using their platforms to spread awareness. 

To the people who don't think this is possible because localization in other languages: I have attached a resource to this post to share when folx try to argue this wont work.

It will work. Languages are always changing and evolving. Trans and Non-Binary folx are everywhere and our communities all over the world are making changes in their own communities.

Keep speaking up. Keep using your voices. We made a change with skin tones in the game. We can make this change as well.

Thank you
-Momo Misfortune

Momo Misfortune
4 months ago