Medal of Honor Remaster or Comeback!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!

Hello fellow Medal of honor fans. Am trying to save our hope in a new title for medal of honor!

It has been to long since the last release of the series and am afraid it will be under the ground for good if we dont act!

Why would you sign?

  1. - Nostalgia
  2. The Music
  3. The love of the Title
  4. Because its awsome
  5. EA Needs to save his reputation

Also one of the reasons i want jou to sign this is because EA is in deep waters because of the recent things that they did. Maybe we can let them see the right path by sending them a petition for a New Medal of honor game. Maybe this will open their eyes and remember why they made games in the first place.

 I would sureley love a remaster of Medal of honor Frontline for PC, Playstation and Xbox!


Medal of honor Frontline Theme song