Make Titanfall 2 Free-To-Play and help us revive it!

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Being a huge fan of Titanfall games, I was very disappointed to realize that the second part was abandoned by the players, and this for lack of advertising.

The game is currently a reference in terms of fps, and critics are unanimous : it's a success!

I keep playing the game every day, but I feel a critical lack of players. Each game takes a long time before getting started, and some game modes are deserted.

The release of Apex Legends was a second breath for the game, but it was not enough. It deserves much more than that!

So today, at the end of 2019, 3 years after the official release of the game, I ask you to make the game free-to-play on all platforms.

Give a new chance to this game which has benefited from very little publicity from the start. Help us refill the servers. Help us start a game in less than 10 seconds. Help us make it known and show that it has nothing to envy the competition.

And finally, help us show that's the reference in terms of FPS!

This project is very close to my heart, and I don't think I'm alone.

Help us make this happen EA Games and Respawn Entertainment!

Thank you for taking the time to read me. I hope this project can be completed.