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Make sims 4 console version have mods and cc !!!

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The sims is my favorite game ever and I have never been able to play on PC because unfortunately I don’t have one and am not really able to get one. I only am able to play on console and have been since the sims 3. It was great to sit in bed or on my couch and play the sims but if u go on YouTube and watch the sims 3 gameplay on pc it was completely different. Now they have made the sims 4 on console exactly like it is on the PC. It took 3 additional years for it to come on console but it’s worth the wait because simmers are very grateful that we can get the same full experience. Now before the information for sims 4 console came out I was so excited and ready for this game to be released because I would sit at home and watch pc players gameplay and I thought the mods and cc was super cool and exciting. They were able to have super cool furniture and clothes, nice hairstyles and make up and skin colors. The mods were really great also. There were mods like drug mods where your sims can smoke and things like that. There were mods like the period mod where your female sim can experience real life menstral cycle and with this you can get so much more gameplay and content than just having your choices so limited. I was so excited to be able to use and play this and waited three years to be able to. Then finally the gameplay for the console came out and it was indeed everything they said it was but no mods and cc !!!! I think as console players we should get this full life experience. I can see how this could maybe not be in the game but if there was another way or maybe cheats that we could use to get the exciting stuff and gameplay like the pc players get when they use mods and cc that would be absolutely amazing. The sims 4 has been out for a very long time and It is still as alive and exciting as it is when it first came out bc of the mods and cc that there is.  Please change this or maybe add this to an expansion pack or maybe as a cheat or even as a free update. But us console players deserve mods and cc !!!! Thank you 

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