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Make NBA Live Mobile great again.

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     Nba Live Mobile is a "free" basketball game for android and iOS devices. It was never the most refined game on the market, but it was still playable. However, ever since the new season of Nba Live Mobile was recently released, it has proved to be more horrible than anything the players could have imagined.

Store Packs and Money Grab

     To start off, when going to download the game off your device's app store, you will see that the game is labeled free. And while it is entirely free to play the game, to get anything of substantial value requires money, and lots of it. There is a coin and a "rep" system of currency that allows players to purchase packs in the in-game store that reward various collectables and players; however, for the time you spend to earn enough to buy a pack, you will find that chances to pull anything good are extremely low. This leads players to buy "nba cash" to open more packs and bundles (which range from $10 to $100 in real money). But since most of the packs, even the $100 ones, don't even guarantee a player coupled with the odds of pulling anything good being so low, you will find that you can spend literal thousands of dollars without pulling any of the limited edition, high rated, or special players. A good example of this are the recently released 91 overall cards, which contain the likes of Denver Nuggets era Carmelo Anthony, prime Penny Hardaway, and Christmas legend Bill Russell. In the weeks since the 91 overall cards have been released, there have been less sightings of them on (this game's forums) than the number of fingers on both of your hands. In fact, a Nba Live Mobile youtuber by the name of Bobby Buckets, who has over 70,000 subscribers as of now, had once started a boycott of the in-game packs due to the horrible odds.

Lackluster Promotions

     Secondly, the promotions that feature special program players are boring, expensive, and overall extremely poor. Most recently the Christmas promotion, as of only being released 2 days ago, has been met with substantial negative criticism. A forum user created a post on telling how bad the Christmas promo; the post has since gotten over 4,000 views as of me typing this. You can see said post here: Another user created a post comparing Nba Live Mobile's Christmas promotion to the one in Madden Mobile (which is essentially Nba Live Mobile for American football and also made by EA). Madden Mobile's Christmas promotion is significantly better than Nba Live Mobile's; with Madden Mobile's Christmas promotion having more sets, content, and packs. You can view said post here: Both post have gotten significant support.

Atrocious Gameplay

     And lastly, and most importantly, the game play is atrocious. Ever since the new season was released, there has been almost unanimous agreement from both posters on and big youtubers such as Bobby Buckets that gameplay has seen a significant downgrade. Common things pointed out are that defense is almost impossible to play, players do not play according to their stats, that the AI has a significant advantage over the user, whether it be on defense or offense. One can regularly find posts and comments on the overpowered ai such as this: and this:

What We Want

     What do they people of Nba Live Mobile want? We want change for the better. We want to be able to get good players without spending hundreds of dollars on packs. We want fun and interesting programs; ones where we don't have to play the same live event hundreds of times to get a chance pack that has a chance of giving us something we need, and ones where we don't have to spend a ton of money to even complete it (Thanksgiving promo). We want gameplay where it isn't impossible to play defense on the ai, gameplay where you don't miss every shot with the best shooters in the nba under your control, and gameplay where Deandre Jordan doesn't make contested fadeaway three pointers (which happens under the hands of the ai of course). We a game where it doesn't crash in the middle of a quarter ( We want this game to be fun again. We want EA to listen.

"Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong." - Donald Porter

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