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The fans have spoken. More and more casual gamers have left FUT because the best players are inaccessible. Giving pro players and the top 100 players great packs is not the answer because this just drives away the casual fan. 

A lot of FUT players have or are in the process of developing social disorders stemming from lack of social interaction because of the amount of time you have to put into FIFA just in order to get a semi decent reward. Fans who want to enjoy the game the right way without resorting to illegal activities like buying coins online are the most affected by this. 

In addition to this, the inaccessibility of the better icons/Prime Icons in the game renders any future advertising useless. I couldn't care, for example, if FIFA released all my childhood heroes because even if I spent a considerable amount of money, chances of me getting a prime icon like R9 or Ronaldinho are slim to none. This is killing the game mode - either make the players who are selling points for the game mode accessible or risk losing us as fans. 

In addition to that, fans should be rewarded more for loyalty to the game. I have spent far less this FIFA than I did last season because of the abysmal in game packs that seem like a waste of money. This is the same thing with rewards as well. EA can and should rectify this mistake at the earliest. 

Effectively EA has chosen YouTubers who are sponsored by the same coin makers that EA is trying to clamp down upon by forcing casual players to have millions of coins in order to have a team capable of being competitive from a quality standpoint with the so called Top 100 and the YouTube scammers. This is terrible and is ruining an incredible game. 

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