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Make an Harry Potter Open World Game

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Please make an Open World Harry Potter Game, can't you see how many Fans want this already? a Proper RPG based on the Movies and Books. I can't see why it hasn't crossed anyones Gig Game Studios minds yet.

Just look at the Videos Comments. You can see how many HP fans really want this.

What do we expect from a Harry Potter Open World game?

An complete Sandbox Game where you can Create your own Character.

Getting your own Wand!

Have a Pottermore Quiz, to get sorted into your House.

Attending to Classes, Learning Spells,  having tasks fly around the Castle, Quidditch matches, Little Harry Potter Minigames a large open World, from the Countryside to the City. Dark Caves, Forests, Mysterious places, Monsters and wild Animals..  Jobs, Potions, House Points, Multiple Options for tasks and an very own Storyline! Becoming Allies (friends) with people or becoming Enemies!  With affection and Conversations! Maybe even starting as a Child from 11 Year Old and getting older through the Game. 

I know this is of course not everything and maybe not all things that everyone wants. Then again,  i just used that what i saw from alot of people.

I hope someone picks this up and starts making this Dream, of many people come true!

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