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Let American McGee make a new Alice game

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EA, from all of us that have had the honor of getting to play the masterpieces that we call, the Alice games, we have one simple request; a request that has been asked of you by many fans, but has gone similarly ignored; maybe this request in the form of a petition, backed by us "Alice fans" sheer numbers will be enough for our voices to be heard by you.

We the fans of the first two Alice games, want another taste, another adventure, another mind bending trip with Alice through the depths of her (and now others's) minds; where what lurked inside, was an experience unlike any other we've had the privilege of experiencing, an experience with themes of sheer beauty, surrealism, darkness, horror, and many other beautiful themes. We the Alice fans want to go back through the looking glass once again, and experience a new psychological trip to wonderland with Alice; and we want this in the form of a new Alice game.

We know that American McGee would definitely develop a new Alice game if he got the chance, and we know this because he’s told us so himself, and we know that he would like the chance to do so, but that he doesn’t have this chance; at least, not until YOU, give him the rights to do so EA. I personally cannot speak for American McGee, since I’m not him, but I can say how I imagine he feels about his Alice series now, based off what he has told us fans; metaphorically speaking, the Alice series is like a painting for American McGee, a painting that is only 2/3 of the way done, but his painting cannot be finished, because his "paintbrush" has been taken away from him; so now, he is left with an uncompleted piece art, which may still be pretty, but needs to be fully completed, before its true beauty can be seen; and for American McGee to finish his masterpiece, he needs to be loaned his paintbrush once again, and finish his painting; when this happens, and his masterpiece be seen by the world, Its true beauty will be seen, and it will inspire many minds to come, as it has already done with us current Alice fans.

For this to happen, for American McGee to give us the final chapter of the Alice series, and for us the fans to experience Alice’s last psychological adventure through the looking glass, all you have to do EA, is give American McGee the rights to the Alice series once again, and let him use his brilliance to give us the fans, what he wants, and what we want; a final adventure through wonderland, and a fitting closure to the masterpiece of a series.

From us the Alice fans, and from me personally; please don't turn a turn a blind eye to our request any longer, please give American McGee the rights to make a new Alice game.

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