Keep Battlefield 5 great, don't stop the support

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We want Battlefield 5 to become a great WW2-game. You have already done so much right by adding the Pacific theatre and by changing the TTK back, but now, although you are on a pretty good  way, you decided to stop the support for this beautiful game. I mean it's a WW2 game, and we neither have the eastern front nor do we have the western front after D-Day. We don't have essential tanks like the Panzer V, Tiger II or the T34, we don't have important planes like the American  P51 mustang or the B17 Flying Fortress (Which would be a great requestable), sovjet russia is missing completely. You delivered us a game, promising us to keep the game alive without using a premium-model, well, that certainly didn't work out. I would even pay for premium access, if you would just keep delivering us those huge content updates containing all the stuff we miss.

P.S: We still want to drag our fallen mates into cover, an feature you showed in the release trailer, but never added to the game.