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Improve EA Servers in FIFA

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FUT Champs is highly uncompetetive and unfair if both players have different input times. It's also unfair that german or english players have who live closer to the server stations have an advantage over people from other countries that are more far away. Also due to the responsiveness of the game regarding the server overload the "gaming experience" is always different. Friday morning FUT champs works "ok'ish", some fridays better, some worse. During the day it gets worse and worse, in the middle of the night it's getting ok again. Saturday and Sunday for example are unplayable for me, game is literally in slowmotion. I think everyone experiences things different. EA had 1,5 years now to improve their servers, these problems exist since P2P is gone, since FUT Champs was introduces and since FIFA 17 came out. I think they don't know how much some of us suffer, because they probably test the game at their headquater where they play with perfect connection. I'm not saying that everyone has a bad connection, but for me, and a lot of people i know, we have, even tho our internet is way better than average. Instead of #FixFifa, which was a bit too chaotic, we should just tell them to start with one thing, fixing the servers so that everyone can have a good and fair experience to any time of the day. It's not that 25 (PC) or 40 games (Console) is already a lot, i don't think that in addition to that people should use alarms to get up in the middle of the night to have a fair experience of FUT Champions. EA has to improve their server performance. 

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