FIFA 18 PC User Compensation for excessive server downtime and no explanation why.

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PC players have spent the same amount of money on your product as any PS4 or XBOX player out there. We have had very, very little information about what has happened to the in-game store and about what has been done to resolve the issue. I understand this may seem a bit extreme, however, some of us, your customers, have invested a lot of time into these games (e.g. for things such as SBC's etc, we want to redeem them before certain deadlines arise). Some cannot even play the new game mode, the game mode you as a corporation have paraded over all platforms of social media, yet now you seem incapable to keep the in-game store running. 

Keeping us in the dark for the past 10 hours (and counting) is straight up unfair, simply as console users seemed to get priority having the problem solved in places under 3 hours>.

Therefore, as your neutral request from your loyal customers, we ask for some form of in-game compensation for players across platforms for the seemingly unprofessional manner you, EA, as a company have chosen to handle such a situation. PC players may be a much smaller minority of the FIFA community in comparison to console users, but this does not mean we are any less of a priority, especially to this extent that it has reached. We buy your product, we require a reliable service as well as equal attention. Solving our problem 2 hours after you had done consoles would've been alright. Yet 10+ hours later, nothing. You denied us a service we pay for, so we simply ask, kindly, for some compensation.


Kindest regards,


FIFA community.