Don't kill Titanfall 3 #saveTF3

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Titanfall 2 is, in my personal opinion, one of the best shooters of all times, but it was totally overwhelmed by the CoD:IW and BF1, which came out weeks apart from each other. So EA, please, don't release TF3 right between the two most poular shooters of every year.

Also, please do some marketing, because another reason for TF2's small success was how few people knew about it. Don't just make trailers for YouTube, but really advertise it.

We have all seen how Star Wars Battlefront II failed thanks to EA's loot boxes. Let's make them realise that money is not everything, and leave these things out of next titles. Titanfall 2 had a great system, with all microtransactions being cosmetic, and not a pay-to-win monetisation system.

Please do something like that for TF3. Don't fill it with loot boxes and make expansions free. If you implement a paid season pass, the playerbase will be divided, like it happened in Battlefront 2015.

And lastly, Respawn Entertainment has proved to be a great developer, listening to the players and following their advice. Please don't oppress them with your desire of getting more and more money. Let Respawn Entertainment be Respawn Entertainment.

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