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Make Big Surf Island and specialty cars available for PC

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The PC is the easiest console to upgrade, and it can play games better than consoles of the near future. Many gamers take great pride in our rigs that we build part by part with our own money, and the best way for us to enjoy them is to know that we're getting great games, and at least the same deals that console gamers are have.

This isn't about porting every console game to PC--some games just work best when played in a certain console's style. But for games that are chosen by the creators to be on consoles and on PC, we just want the same downloadable content.

One example of this is with Burnout Paradise. On the PS3 and 360, the option exists to purchase Big Surf Island, Cop Cars, Legendary Cars, and more. For PC, we get "Party Mode," and just a trickle of other vehicles. If people are willing to spend more than $600 on a gaming PC, we are certainly willing to pay the console stores' prices for downloadable content, such as Big Surf Island.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION ONLY IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR "BIG SURF ISLAND" FOR "BURNOUT PARADISE" ON THE PC! Show EA and Criterion that they have money that we are willing to hand over to them for this content.

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