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Battlefield 3: Definitive Edition

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Battlefield 3 was the biggest first-person shooter launch in EA history, selling 3 million pre-orders by the day of its release. Two days after launch, an additional 7 million copies were shipped to retailers. It sold around 5 million in its first week and 8 million in the first month (pre-orders included).

The reviews broke scales. Metacritic: 89/100 for PC. Game Informer: 9.5/10. IGN: 9/10. Gamespot 8.5/10. GameSpy 5/5.

It even won awards. 8 of them to be exact. All from IGN, calling the game the best multiplayer shooter across every platform.

Best Shooter, 2011 IGN People's Choice Award. 

Best Multiplayer Game, 2011 IGN People's Choice Award.

Communities were created. Battlelog was first introduced, a free cross-platform social service with built-in text messaging, voice communications, game stats, and the ability to join games that friends are already playing.

DICE held contests rightly dubbed "Only in Battlefield" where gamers would send in awe-inspiring moments that could only be experienced, let alone captured, in Battlefield 3. And that's not all.

Every Battlefield fan cheered when the unstoppable juggernaut Call of Duty was finally overtaken, a feeling recently felt again with the massive success of Battlefield 1.

But Battlefield 1's player base has been shrinking, and fans of the series have been venturing back into Battlefields past to relive old times and some of their favorite moments. With the addition of Bad Company 2 becoming backwards compatible on Xbox One and Battlefield 3 becoming backwards compatible with disc, fans couldn't be happier, except, we're not.

Those old games were terrific, Bad Company's a classic, but they're clunky compared to modern FPS's. Battlefield 3 especially, has a lot of kinks that hold it back. Glitches, hacking, and an ungodly amount of vision blurring during firefights rob this incredible game of its chance to be a masterpiece. Graphics are a slight issue too, with dull colors and a blinding sun. If this game was updated to look and feel (gameplay speaking) like Battlefield 1, I and the millions of people who continue to play this game, talk about this game and enjoy this game would support and buy it.

The Reddit page is 42,017 members strong.

LevelCapGaming, a famous Battlefield Youtuber, earned 257,414 views on his recent Battlefield 3 video, published April 30th, 2017. It's earned 12,002 likes. Numerous comments speak about how great Battlefield 3 was and how it will always be their favorite Battlefield game. Plenty more plead for a definitive edition, which is what this is for.

We want the DLC, we want bug fixes, and we want next-gen.

You want $60 per copy, and I assure you, we will happily pay that.

Let's blow Call of Duty's 8th World War II game out of the water by freshening up an incredible video game that took the world by storm. Let's make it what it deserves to be.

A masterpiece.

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