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To the kind attention of the EA Games Community and the EA Community Manager, hello.

I'm an Italian XBOX gamer and - as many other gamers around the world - I'm writing this petition in order to solve a problem, hopefully.

For the last 6 years, XBOX gamers from every country of the world have been unable to unlock 10 achievements - out of 47 - in ARMY OF TWO, due to the fact that the aforementioned achievements require online gaming.

Since EA Games closed ARMY OF TWO servers back in 2011, people couldn't unlock anymore those 10 achievements and, as a consequence, the "SSC Challenge Map Pack" DLC - which is still available on the Italian XBOX Marketplace for 7,19 Euros - doesn't work anymore and the free "Veteran Map Pack" DLC has completely been delisted from the store.

Owing to the fact that this has affected so many gamers who over the years - and especially in the last month, due to the presence of Army of Two as a Game with Gold - have relentlessly tried to go for the 100% completion, we KINDLY ASK EA GAMES to put the servers and the DLCs (downloadable contents) back, at least for a month or two, just the time to allow us gamers to purchase and play the two DLCs (similarly as what EA did with Dante's Inferno DLC, named "The Trials of St. Lucia", the past year).

On the website, only 946 gamers out of 1.065 have managed to unlock the achievements of the SSC Challenge Map Pack, while only 1.432 out of 6.220 for the free Veteran Map Pack; hence, this action could help more than a thousand gamers out there, resulting in plenty of more profits for EA.

In consideration of how much we love the Army of Two series and taking into account how many gamers care about achievements, we would all like the SERVERS and the DLCs to be brought back to life... so that all the 10 achievements might be obtainable again.

Waiting for an answer, I thank all of you in advance for your warm support.

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