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A better easportsnhl

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Year after year this game doesn't change, they take out features and bring them back years later as "New features". Easports cares more about money than making a quality product because there is no competition for them to beat. Easports let's kids gamble on their game by letting them spend money to buy packs for in game content. Its truly a disgrace to the sport and gaming comapanies to allow this kind of behavior. Maybe if enough people care about quality gameplay instead of New cards for ultimate team that the ratings don't matter, (example a base 82 overall zdeno chara with 83 acceleration and 84 speed can outskate a 99 acceleration 96 speed pavel bure). As much as they deny it, the game always favors one person and it shouldn't be like that because it's not a fair game. Easports partners with streamers and gives them 30,000 nhl points a month for free to buy packs and get the best cards in the game then let's them compete for more in game content with beyond stacked teams against people who can't afford to spend 300$ a month on a video game. Easports constantly let's down their customers and something needs to be done about it, it doesn't take much for them to notice their flaws once money stops pouring into their bank accounts. This is the same concept as the loot crates in star wars which they recently had to redo and make it fair because the community came together. Someone said 89,000 copies of nhl has been sold on Xbox one but only 12,000 people play on average, I wonder why?? Maybe if the community could come together we can make a difference and make easports produce a better game that isn't solely based on making money and make it based on who is the better player.

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