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Make Roster Sharing Available in NHL 18

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For years of playing EA's NHL game I have been generally happy. I really like stats and GM mode and all that so I love creating new rosters and new prospects for my GM modes to enjoy the diversity. It's become fairly tedious, however, to continually redesign my rosters spending hours choring over the player creation and editing screen. In other games however I have noticed a feature titles "Roster Sharing". I decided to try it out and enjoyed it. This was in 2015. I thought to myself "This is a neat feature, if this was in the NHL games that would be exciting." Well, since then I have become much more into the idea. There are people out there who make kickass rosters for the game and enjoy making them much like myself. The neat hing about this is that people could then share their rosters to everyone else in the game. The NHL series has yet to add this, even though their other games have the exact same feature. Roster sharing could make or break a game with diversity and new rosters. When I go in to a GM mode to play it, I know which rosters are what overall and potential for the first 3 years and thus he scouting becomes pointless, I know which players will produce and which ones will grow into what because I have used the rosters several times.

There is still 3 months until the release of NHL 18, the beta hasn't even been released yet. There is ample time to add a feature this minuscule.

A couple other things I've noticed.

A youtuber by the name of xTech Gaming made a roster with ~80 new playable legends from the history, holy crap. How fun would it be to experiment with that roster, try out different things, but instead that roster can't be shared.

There are groups of people like TheBlueLine that make rosters, they could develop very sophisticated and realistic rosters basing throughout the year much like EA's roster except much more relevant - Why is Auston Matthews and 86 Overall?

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