E-voting in India - Embracing the future

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Per a study from 2016, the Election Commission of India recorded that the 2014 General Elections in India cost Rs.4000 crores (over $540 million)! And that is only the tip of the iceberg!! 

From campaigning to security costs; from hiring manpower for poll booths, to electricity costs; from service disruptions to managing a seamless voting process, we bleed thousands of crores of hard earned tax payer money, to just choose our leader!

Today, India has over 1.3 billion people, roughly 80% of whom are already part of the social security/Aadhar movement. Yet more people are now connected to the World Wide Web through Reliance Jio. Based on census data, India will continue to pump a tenth of its current population into those having attained majority.

As of today, a big part of our youth has no intention to participate in voting, and are often looking for ways to escape the accountability altogether. Some, such as myself, will even migrate to foreign lands in a hope to escape not only the problems in current day India, but the laying of the foundation of the future, as well.

If you are in the same boat as me, either as a young Indian or a non resident, or both, I wish to ask - what would it be like if we could cast our votes through our mobile phones? From the comfort and safety of our homes/offices/schools? What would it be like if we saved our hard earned tax money to propel our growth as a global economy? What if NRI’s could participate in the voting process? What if we eliminate the complexities associated with ballot box voting altogether? 

I am an ordinary citizen of India just like most of you, but I’m looking to join hands with you in making e-voting/mobile voting in India, a reality! 

Please sign this petition so we can move India towards a bright, efficient future.