E.U. Parliament - VP Animal Welfare Intergroup European Comunity: STOP the 'euthanasia' policy for stray animals in Romania!

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E.U. Parliament - VP Animal Welfare Intergroup European Comunity: STOP the 'euthanasia' policy for stray animals in Romania!

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Alexander Esposito started this petition to E.U. Parliament - VP Animal Welfare Intergroup European Comunity Ms. Michelle Striffer and

Re: Recent Euthanasia Policy in Romania and E.U Responsibilty & Oversight

I am writing with horror concerning the ‘euthanasia’ policies adopted by the Romanian Parliament over the last 48 hours concerning the stray dogs and cats of the country.

Perhaps the Romanian government is unaware of how conspicuous this decision has become on an international scale and the revulsion it has caused.

Romanian local government officials are operating under false pretenses in terms of promises made to their citizens and the misappropriation of tax funds.

For the last decade or so, there has been an abominable policy to euthanize stray dogs and cats living on the streets of most Romanian cities, and in particular, its capital, Bucharest.

There have been budgets allocated to destroy animals that allegedly pose a threat to public health and safety, utilizing "humane means". These so-called “humane means” have been repeatedly documented as rapidly "achieving high death count numbers" on appearance, by abandoning all humane practices and simply employing barbaric serial slaughtering techniques. These practices have been investigated under-cover and are now well-publicized worldwide.

The presumed funds saved by these alternative savage methods are not, however, so easily accounted for.

The killings and subsequent covering up of the theft of public funds in Romania are now becoming not just accepted, but actual mandated conventions. This underscores a devolution process of humanity and is readily seen by people abroad particularly throughout the rest of Europe and America.

This is not simply a disgrace to Romania and its people, but also an ugly ignominy and dishonor to the European Community as a whole, particularly with Romania being a member of the E.U. where there is a certain standard of civility that should prevail.

Furthermore, what has been carried out and widely witnessed has become what can only be termed as a hidden MURDER BUSINESS for sheer PROFIT. More and more common in Romania and now a legal political / economic policy, it is glossed over with slick media propaganda campaigns to disguise obscene reality.

It is vital that you are aware that stray animals already sterilized are also being targeted for slaughter by corrupt, self-serving contractors operating with impunity through public policies for profit.

The vast majority of animals left on the street are left unsterilized in what can only be characterized as a brilliant strategy insuring an endless supply of hapless stray victims for slaughter - fodder for this ever-growing and repugnant "Death Industry".

To many of us here in America this is a horror film. However, Ms Striffler, the statistics cannot lie . The reality is that these policies have only served to steadily increase the street populations of stray animals and thus the propaganda machine is easily fed for the budgetary demands of a despicable means to an end.

On this current course, the situation can only worsen.

Instead of allocating funds for these infernal executions, perhaps it would be more advisable to institute a full reorganization. Unfortunately, the current policies go unregulated as the mandates invite an even more persistent attraction for abuse and corruption.

Please consider a new plan to build a realistic and working infrastructure that aggressively supports wide-spread sterilization / release programs, which, incidentally, would only be a fraction of the existing operating costs, in contrast to the current "killing industry" which is rife with layer upon layer of "hand in pocket" corruption - yet a further malfeasance for any just regulatory body to ignore.

Along with the fiscal savings resulting from surplus funds accumulated, perhaps a second stage of public education would be beneficial, restoring a thought process of humanity rather than de-evolving to ruthless, unethical practices.

Special programs to encourage children and young people’s understanding of natural and environmental concerns linked to animal welfare could lead to wide-spread adoption programs, bypassing and almost eliminating the need for expensive vet costs and animal sanctuary/control facilities, both prone to ethical violations and corruption.

There is another important consideration to be made: When other corrupt contractors within the EU witness the ease with which such a blood-thirsty profit can be made, the viral fire could spread to other parts of Europe thus portraying a brutal, savage and shameful image to the rest of the world

During these difficult times of economic recession, the current misappropriation of Romanian tax-payers’ funds and known barbaric criminal conduct carried out by ‘euthanasia’ contractors and government officials operating with personal interests (rather than public) cries out to be made an example of on an international scale.

Civil society across not only Europe but the entire world has a right to see that this deteriorating sense of de-evolution is not permissable in 2011 and that the EU’s role of responsibility will be exercised in no uncertain terms – both for the good of man and for the good of the animals concerned in the name of legality, morality and humanity.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you for your time and awaiting your response,
Alexander Esposito

Central Investigation Bureau
P.O. Box 2284
Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033-0951 USA


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My second letter to Ms. Striffer dated and sent 12 December 2011 04:23 Hrs EST Monday


To: Ms. Michele Striffler - Vice-President of the Animal Welfare Intergroup European Community

From: Alexander Esposito

Re: Our Periodic Follow-Up and Monitoring of Recent Policy in Romania and the E.U. Role in Responsible Oversight

Ms. Striffer,

At this point it has been nearly three weeks since we wrote to you concerning the unacceptable, immoral and inhumane abuses arife and unchecked in Romania, an E.U. State. (previous correspondence enclosed herein below)

We here in America, shudder at the idea that as time goes on there is so much more torture and killing that takes place.

I'm sure you're aware that our writing to you, is not just the concern of a single individual, but the composite of a very substantially large and diverse group of citizens in both the public and private sectors here on United States soil, as well in so many locations as abroad.

Yet, to this date, we have received no direct response whatsoever from your office.

We have become aware that the European Parliament Animal Welfare Intergroup European Community, has made it known publicly that they do not approve of what is taking place in Romania. Moreover from your webpage, we see that there seems to be a declaration of such a position taken in concert with both a warning and urging of suggestion by observation and opinion.

However, this is still ambiguous and to us here in America watching and waiting. So it is not necessarily what appears to be definitive or direct action or for that matter, steps towards conscientious remediation, despite the best of intentions.

We are aware that some of the action and pursuits we cite and respectfully suggest below, span far beyond the range, penetration of enforcement capable of your one office alone.

However Ms. Striffer, perhaps your's is the place to very solidly begin to establish a genesis to make change for the better.

Perhaps it is your perseverance and calling to the other branches and sharing with other M.E.P.'s of the European Union which can make a True difference, that we know, will reflect more than a notation of intentions, .. but instead very definitive and Real Action.

We think this is obvious too, because where we ask that this all begin, is simply with the known and well documented, horrific abuses against stray animals taking place illegally within European Union Jurisdiction. Although the task and span to execute may be wide, the apposite reason in reduction, is it's just that simple in terms of jurisdiction and justification.

Thus please be mindful, that as a beginning point, we know the E.U. Parliament makes such a place like Romania, not ever a province for such known and conspicuous illegality - yet instead for the European Aggregate on behalf of not only Romania, but all E.U. member states, that which bears a true obligatory chartered responsibility to proactively, uniformly and as rapidly as possible engage and correct.

I know as an individual and a human being, You know and feel as we do Ms. Striffer. However please also know that what we hope now more so than ever, is to see that in observance of your own European Union doctrines and laws established, that in fact there comes what has been so sorely needed soon, perhaps as in deference outlined below:

1) Aggressive investigation deployed as soon as possible to Romanian jurisdiction, to seek out the reality as both constructive and actual evidence of Engagement in Criminal Enterprise with direct attention to special interest "partners" and or public office as abuses of misappropriation of Romanian Tax payer funds.

Again the genesis of in your office as such, being to include but not be limited to those linked in corruption both in public office as well as with interested party private sect contracts, so as it relates to ANIMAL / STRAY ANIMAL ABUSES / EXPLOITATION OF LIFE and BARBARISM, again I have to say, undeniably and shockingly conspicuous to us even here across an ocean.

Please make no mistake, we are aware this unto itself is a daunting task as the corruption may pervade persistently into some of the highest offices of the government and infrastructure there in Romania, that in many ways have seemingly made themselves on first examination, appear immune to prosecution or even active scrutiny methodology or any interventional justification.

Yet we know with REAL proactive oversight and E.U. responsibility as chartered by law and treaty, much can be achieved within the European Union uniformly and thus within jurisdiction of Romania. In fact specifically, because Romania as a Participating and Compliant E.U. member state must comply with the mandatory requirements set forth by treaty, that the European Union is bound to enforce.

In fact, doing little or nothing will only serve to see illegal enterprise thrive and signal to other potential predisposed venues and sub-jurisdictions of the European Union, a vulnerability subject to exploitation where the European Union Parliament may be viewed as ineffective or unaware.

In this sphere of concern, I have no doubt that your office and the rest of the European Union Parliament, will face many legal challenges and observation of rights germane to Romanian policy and practices and in any other E.U. member states in the enforcement of treaty compliance.

However we here in America know too that the European Union Parliament has the best and most practical resources to achieve a fair, just and impartial investigation in observance of all rights afforded of jurisdiction.

2) In clear compliance with the laws by treaty and convention set forth by the European Union / E.J.C. (ie: Article 258 (ex Article 226)), as well as jointly with the legitimate legislation and administration of Romanian law, that there be open recognition and the actual active process of CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS OF JURISDICTION.

This is perhaps necessitated by a joint task force established exclusively by European Parliament selectivity, to be clear of potential conflict of interest with Romanian existing policy makers, business contractors, associates or individual persons.

As well, during such a process, monitoring of the judiciary would likely be prudent, as it's even visible to the eyes of so many off shore from Europe. Thus visible too in many instances, in fact so painfully apparent to many who must live day to day there practically, tragically not with the rightful expectation of such propriety, but only a hope of.

We have been made aware of the innumerable delays, indefinite continuances and non-dispositional suspensions, of some criminal cases already pending prosecution in Romania as it relates to not only Direct Animal Abuses, but also any connected criminal enterprise deemed related thereof.

We are also aware very conspicuously of abuses and brutality, not just by some members of law enforcement authority, but as well, such coordinated illegally with private business interests, that have surfaced in violence and intimidation to Romanian citizens.

These crimes appear most frequently perpetrated particularly against those who express and attempt to exercise their constitutional entitlements, as such may also relate to opposing STRAY ANIMAL ABUSE AND EXPLOITATION in Romania. Thus possible violations as well of E.U. treaties that may involve the European Court of Human Rights and similar swift intervention investigation and prosecution.

It's so easy to see how, left unchecked the situation only deteriorates and spreads as it is not a self correcting process in any way, thus a process that as time moves on will pose an even steeper challenge to correct. The situation of STRAY ANIMAL ABUSE AND EXPLOITATION in Romania has already as essentially unchecked, reached the proportions of very real crisis. This we can see as far away as these shores I write you from.

Wherein for all such concerns above, that the most severe sanctions, penalties and punishment be lawfully administered as well, by statute that applies of jurisdiction - such being contemporaneous with, and as a carefully monitored balance, of both Romanian Law and European Union convention, as it may be applied and focused upon Romania and the  European Union Court of Justice.

Romania, again I am compelled to reiterate, a participating member state of the European Union. All of which is indeed the definition of equitable and understood E.U. oversight responsibility.

3) Wherefore, that pending these potential prosecutions, perhaps another separate neutral body be established, to also examine any and all evidence developed, as to accurately and impartially assess and inventory the complex damages that have resulted, with primary forethought to rapidly address among the ones prioritized, where reparation and restitution are possible.

Thus any and all exploits and fruits such criminal enterprise thereof, having been seized and secured, ultimately are in a tax revenue sense,  upon legal disposition of speedy trial justice, made liquid, as returned rightfully to these tax paying citizen's reserves. Wherein, given the known circumstances, also perhaps European Union Parliament oversight accountability provisionally.

Thus any said unlawfully misappropriated proceeds in substance as of any seizure and suspensions, be recognized not only as for evidential purposes in probative essence of any prosecution sought, (in essence unlawfully taken by intent or otherwise, from the taxpaying Romanian public at large), be only TEMPORARILY held in transparent, accountable escrow, pending the outcomes of any said prosecutions.

We know I don't even need to impress upon you, that it is imperative that such suspension and escrow if established, hat such not persist indefinitely or unreasonably, as prone to any abuses in itself. The objective to prevail as quickly as can be, and ultimately returned in entirety, as the said rightful capital to the tax reserves.

Thus this secure place these budgets may rightfully be available for legitimate legal use and remediation, by a better seated administration that will recognize their responsibility of the oaths of public office and thus real accountability to the peoples they represent, free of the known abuses.

We would remark that the speediness now for the initiation of such an undertaking, as well as the "underway" working of such, seems best to serve the interest of the people as citizens who've unalienable rights (despite some aspects of policy abused as business as usual there now), .. as well as the rights any potentially accused individuals/conspirators, all uniformly met evenhandedly, where civil rights entitlements in a civilized world, should prevail and do so under your watch as an administrative element of the European Union.

Thus we feel strongly Ms. Striffer, .. that the time in fact, is now.

We recognize that European image and trade relations are very much at stake not just with Romania in it's capacity in an international sense , but many other E.U. member states.

For it is exactly situations as such, that from the low scale initially, have the innocuous potential erode first with legitimate small enterprise sometimes in seemingly the most unlikely places .. and may grow on and up to more severe impact.

This information we pass on to you as it may or may not be so conspicuous to you there as is it very much here, not in media or distant perceptions .. but very real day to day traffic commerce of real diverse peoples in real life here. The things at closed door board meetings, and conversations otherwise that lead to policy, which never make the media stream or newspapers and thus go unknown until the effects are seen later in time.

Ms. Striffer, I say these things to you not to criticize but know that there are many of us here in America that are in fact extremely sympathetic to and deeply concerned, about what I can only best characterize as "the EUROPEAN CONDITION" .. which as with everywhere on our earth, is a Human Condition.

Thus please be not surprised that we would wish to be better establish sincere unity, not just in large scale business potentials, but as in fact, Human Beings, who all inhabit the same small, and yet smaller planet.

We know that there are many people like yourself who are humane, in fact in reality, an actual majority. So it is with the most grave concern that we wish to rapidly and fairly see justice prevail together.

Yours sincerely,
Alexander Esposito



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