Petition Update

Were hoping for a response in ACTION NOW from the European Parliament.

Alexander Esposito
Magnolia, NJ

Dec 3, 2011 — The link below declares a position taken as that of the European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals; whereby their office has made significant statements that we believe carry sincere intent to give more than just notice to Romanian Policy makers before is action taken.

This E.U. regulatory body now can best take the next steps of such action with YOUR SUPPORT - JUST BY SIGNING OUR PETITION & thus have even more justifiable reason to perform aggressive investigation and remediation in Romania as a jurisdiction of the E.U that they've clear cut oversight responsibility.

Each time someone signs, the E.U. representative of that office receives direct notice.

Further, I want You to know that we also encourage YOUR providing us with Your thoughts, reactions & letters as well that we may not only learn and be enriched by, but also pass on to the E.U. for consideration. Thank you for time and your kindness.