Make "50 shades in 50 images" available for everyone to purchase

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There are more than thousands of Fifty shades fans worldwide who are a true fan base dedicated to the books and movies. 

On feb. 09 2018 we got our last taste of the trilogy, and now that it's done we are all left feeling empty, and we want more to hold on to. A perfect way for us to end the trilogy would be for us to be able to purchase the "Fifty shades in fifty images" book that was made available to a small amount of people who went to the Paris premiere etc. 

Many of us couldn't make it, yet we are dying to get our hands on this book to treasure our much loved story of love. 

I have made this petition because I know it is not just me who feels so strongly about this, we need to come together to prove his worth it will be to make the book available for fans to purchase! 

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