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Apologise for calling survivors of DV "trolls and witches."

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EL James has upset hundreds if not thousands of women with her latest remarks in the press calling survivors of DV "trolls and witchs" when they have merely pointed out that Christian Grey is an abuser. When a survivor has contacted her she has simply blocked them. We would like EL James to retract her hurtful comments and for her to admit that Grey is a first class abuser.

Survivors of domestic violence have taken a very long and painful journey to enable them to be finally free.  EL James has trivialised this and insulted us all.  We would love for her to retract her words, a heartfelt and sincere apology is due but what would be even better is that she recognises her books for what they are, domestic violence dressed up to appear as love.

All the signs are there, stalking, manipulation, buying her job, bruises to prevent her sunbathing, financial control, vehicle choice, clothes choice, telling her what to eat and when to do so, what to drink, the list is endless.  Please EL James admit what Grey is, an abuser.  Yes, he has his own past, his own demons to fight and you could quite easily have said this but no, we get called names, a trait of an abuser I may add, "witches and trolls" we are not, survivors is what we are!


Stand proud ladies, stand tall.  Unite and together we will have a voice, a voice that can only raise awareness.


Stay safe.

Eve x

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