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Dear Makeup Companies, Every Skin Tone is Beautiful

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Why Should You Sign This Petition?
Girls and boys all around the world start wearing makeup at a young age and/or wear makeup. According to a study in 2012 by the Renfrew Center Foundation: 58% of girls started wearing makeup around the ages of 8-18, while 65% of these girls started wearing makeup around the ages of 8-13. This is around the ages that girls really try to find themselves, who they are, and especially what the world thinks. As most of you may know, beauty standards have gotten more strict since the past couple years. More and more girls start wondering whether they are considered beautiful or ugly, and more people are convinced that maybe it is their skin tone that makes them beautiful.

Here is why this is a true statement:

Makeup companies, especially the very successful companies like MAC, ELF, NYX, etc. all sell some type of BB Cream/Concealer/Foundation, but none of these companies sell these items in ranging skin tones. Girls and boys who wear makeup with pale skin are forced to go darker and those with darker skin are forced to go lighter. As a result, the skin looks unnatural and this lowers the confidence in people. Some makeup companies have came out with every skin tone, but as a result, made a person with darker or lighter skin pay twice or even three times the amount it usually is to buy a regular bottle of foundation/BB cream/Concealer. People are forced to pay more because they love their skin tone.

Some people out there might be thinking the obvious reason to this is to not wear makeup at all; but this is not very easy for people, as makeup does boost confidence in some ways. It makes a (wo)man feel ready, proud, and unstoppable. It is mainly the skin tone that makes people question their beauty the most.

All skin tones are perfect just the way they are. You were born with your own skin tone. This petition is about making makeup companies see that they should come out and produce BB Creams/Concealers/Foundations in every skin tone and all for the same price. The more we make people question their beauty, the more people are going to try to make themselves "beautiful" because society has claimed that only certain skin tones are okay. It is one thing to want to change the color of your skin tone; but it is another thing to feel forced to buy products lighter or darker than your actual skin tone because you want to feel "beautiful". Your own skin tone is beautiful, but people are still refusing to believe that.

It would be greatly appreciated if you and your friends could sign this petition, not just for me, but for every person out there that struggles with the color of their skin tone. Hopefully with our help, we can make a difference on society before society makes a difference on us. 


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