Support Rehabilitation Services at OHSU

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Dennis Ziemer
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Mr. Joe Ness, Mr. Dan Forbes and OHSU Executive Leadership;

Central to the vision of OHSU is “the health and well-being of Oregonians”. As the state’s only academic health center and the largest employer in Portland, OHSU bears unique and important responsibilities to its patients, employees and Oregonians. Unfortunately, the staffing models and productivity expectations used in the Rehabilitation Services Department are prohibitive to enacting the mission and values of the organization. (Refer to Rehab Concerns)

  • These practices underserve select patient populations, undermining OHSU’s commitment to the values of transparency, diversity, quality and service excellence.
  • These practices create provider moral distress and burnout, undermining OHSU’s achievement of several Vision 2020 Goals.
  • These practices blunt the learning experience of students, undermining the development of new health care providers.
  • These practices evoke tension between providers, employees and management, undermining OHSU’s commitment to a safe, fair and respectful workplace.  

We respectfully request that OHSU do the following:

Provide the Rehabilitation Services Department the budget to staff to a level to provide services to all patients in need of rehabilitative care.

Provide the Rehabilitation Service Department the budget to staff to allow healthy and fair workloads on rehabilitation providers

Change the productivity expectation and calculation to appropriately and fairly account for all the work required by rehabilitation providers, including the education of students

Partner with AFSCME and CWE resources to investigate and improve work place conditions and culture

On behalf of patients, employees and Oregonians,