Dyslexia Training to be included in T.A's and Teachers qualifications

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They're are many organisations out there, all for the same cause, to support dyslexia people and doing a great job, however it is clear we are still facing the stigma of dyslexic adults and children feeling ashamed, lack of confidence, low motivation and not maintaining the tools to get by academically. Being dyslexic myself I understand firsthand the challenges it can bring.

Therefore I am putting together this petition for Dyslexic Training to be included in all Teachers and Teaching Assistant qualifications, as we know a lack of government funding in schools has led to limited training for school staff but if this training was included in the qualification already, this could half the government budgeting. This will not only raise more awareness for Teachers and T.A's but give them the education on the condition from an early stage, supporting them with tools and strategies. 

By putting this in place, it will not just empower the Teachers, T.A's and other support workers but give children and young people more support and understanding on how there brain works, giving them the confidence and knowledge that is needed, the more Teachers and T.A's know how to help support a dyslexic person in schools the more confidence a person will have to embrace dyslexia.

I am writing for your support to sign this petition to make a difference, without us all coming together, it makes change difficult to happen.

Thank you for your time in reading this.



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