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Dynamic Airways needs to take responsibility for the inconvenience of its passengers.

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Countless times Dynamic Airways has disenfranchised and mistreated its passengers ,  and take no responsibility what so ever for their actions but give some bogus excuse, caring not at all for the inconvenience they cause. 

It is my hope that they are held accountable when they cancel / merge flights just because they didn't sell enough tickets ,  or loose peoples bags and give them a hard time in retrieving it , or double book their flights and giving the seat to the first passenger to arrive, or leave passengers stranded for hours because they dont have nor care to secure their own gate, or delay flights because they took other trips because there was more passengers for that trip . 

Ive had to buy new tickets to get home to make it to work the following day because they told me my flight was full.

Ive had to book a hotel for 2 days so my brother in law to stay in at my own expense because they merged flights due to not having enough tickets sold and don't have a gate.

Ive had to wait 5 extra hours for my brother because they were waiting on another airline to leave so they can use their gate. 

My uncle , a very elderly and sick man was left stranded by himself in a aircraft in Guyana waiting for a wheelchair only to find out that they forgot about him, then they didnt even apologize . 

Countless other people have been inconvenienced, please sign this pitition so they can be held accountable for their negligence . 

My family and I thanks you.


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