ATV/UTV Usage in Dyersville, IA

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Petition drive to open Dyersville to ATV's and UTV's starts organizing. January 9th, 2021 the Dubuque County ATV/ UTV Alliance held an informal meeting in Dyersville with residents and business owners to gauge support for Dyersville to join most of the other cities in Dubuque county to open city streets to UTV's and ATV's. A full house showed up and the response was excellent. Business owners were in favor and want more traffic to come to Dyersville, Residents are wanting to be able to drive there UTV's Atv's from there residents without having to load them on a trailer. Dyersville residents feel they are being left behind with all the neighboring towns already allowing UTVs/ ATV's. One of the NEAT Club members who attended stated last week he put on 117 miles on his SxS went from Sherrill to Luxemburg to New Vienna drove around Dyersville to Worthington and Cascade then back up to Farley before heading back home. The key words he said was he drives around Dyersville and if he can do that in his SxS he can do that in his car .
Dyersville City Council member Mike Oberbroeckling was in attendance asked several questions and was very opened minded.
Dyersville residents will be organizing the petition drive and when we get information we will be passing it on to everyone. The petition will be open to Dyersville residents , business owners and anyone who would wants to come to Dyersville on the UTV/ ATV.
Not all change is bad allowing UTV's and ATV's in Dyersville is a win win for everyone and it's time for Dyersville to join the club we encourage the Dyersville city council to accept the petition , and work with Dyersville residents and businesses to make this a great experience for everyone.
The Dubuque County ATV/ UTV Alliance thank our friends from the NEAT Club for attending and appreciate Happy Joes Pizza for allowing us to use there back room.