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Stop supporting dolphins and whales in captivity. Watch The Cove and Blackfish

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Dwyane Wade,

You recently visited Seaworld with your children and posted some images of captive dolphins. Please watch the documentaries The Cove and Blackfish, so you can learn about the dangers of keeping cetaceans in captivity. Dolphins and whales are highly intelligent creatures with complex social estructures,who do not do well in shallow concrete pools. Many of them die at young ages and most of them are fed antidepressants.

There have been incidents where trainers have died at Seaworld because of their interactions with these animals. It is a cruel practice and many people around the world, as well as celebrities like yourself, are trying to end it. Be a role model for compassion and help us end this cruel practice.

The city you represent has a Street in the South Miami area that is named after Ric O'Barry. He is a Miami native former trainer of Flipper in the 50's who turned activist and has dedicated his life to ending the capture and slaughters of dolphins worldwide. Captivity programs and marine parks such as Seaworld are a direct result of the Taiji dolphin slaughters that Ric and many others around the word are trying to end. Dolphins are driven into a small cove and the ones deamed suitable for captivity are taken away from their families who are later slaughtered for their meat. When you support captivity, you support the slaughters. 

Please watch The Cove and Blackfish or visit to learn more about the movement to end captivity.

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