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PIP refusal when I'm epileptic

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My name is Sophie Hutchins. I have severe health issues which mean that most days I struggle to get out of bed, whether that be because of my epilepsy and IBS is flaring-up or that be because my depression is so bad that I have any sort of motivation to get out of bed. I am barely able to do anything for myself. I can't be in control of my medication. I can't be trusted to remember to eat or drink. My epilepsy is so bad to the point where my mum has to be in the bathroom to make sure that I do not drown in the bath. By not being awarded PIP, I have to somehow live on £16 a fortnight from the ESA, which lets be honest is an absolute joke for an average person, let alone someone with my health issues. I also have to have gluten, diary and lactose free food. But, they obviously do not seem to care and would much prefer the alternative of me starving to death, maybe they would be happy then? I need this petition to have a lot of signatures, in order for me to give my mum the life that she so rightly deserves, for being such a saint and an angel because of the fact that she has been helping me with my illness for years, without any help from anyone else. I also need the money to pay to do my GCSEs again and then do my A levels next year in college to do medicine in university. In order to, become my dream goal of becoming a doctor in a critical care ward, specialising in trauma medicine. Why should I be robbed of the chance to save millions of lives simply because they do not want to pay me? When there's no reason as to why I was refused PIP.

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