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The current system is not working for the most sick and vulnerable in our society. We want:
* A 28-day notice period for benefit reductions to reduce acute debt issues, financial instability and associated health breakdown.
* The reassessment of entitlement to sickness and disability benefits should be set for a period relating to a successful appeal, not the date or the original decision. This will stop the roller-coaster of zero-point decisions and appeals we see in any given year.
* Greater flexibility for those attending medical assessments or assessments for ESA claimants placed in work-related activity group so those with mental health issues or those with more severe mobility restrictions can take part in a manner sympathetic to their condition, thus reducing issues of inapproporiate sanctions.

Letter to
Secretary of State, Department for Work & Pensions, Caxton House, Tothill St, London SW1H 9DA Iain Duncan Smith
Amend the ESA process in 3 ways:
* 28-day notice period for benefit reductions;
* re-assessment period to start from date of successful appeal;
* more flexibility for those attending medical assessments.

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