DWP Do NOT turn Support For Mortgage Interest Benefit into a loan

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Benefit - called (SMI) Support For Mortgage Interest is a lesser payment, paid to people that are in receipt of certain qualifying benefits, similar to Housing Benefit, but paid to non working sick or disabled or unemployed persons buying their own homes, as opposed to being a tenant and receiving rent paid, SMI contributes smaller amounts to the mortgage lender to cover ONLY PART of the INTEREST ONLY.

THE ISSUE - Government want to turn this welfare benefit into a repayable loan!!
They also intend to add interest and admin fees.
To ensure they get their benefit monies back - they will place their name - in the form of a CHARGE on the sick / disabled / unemployed person's house deeds and persons will not be able to move or sell until that 'loan' - that 'Charge' is paid back, in full, with interest accrued and fees. (Save any variants in the plan on moving with permissions)!

This is wholly UNFAIR as tenants, that receive a lot more in rent payments will not have to pay those sums back! It is unfair that persons likely worked, saved deposits, paid Stamp Duty in thousands of pounds and VAT and more tax on bills and so on and have fallen on hard times, no fault of their own!

They say it will impress the tax payer - but HOLD ON, property owners / mortgagees  were and ARE tax payers!

I urge you ALL to STOP THIS!! Answer this - (regardless of whether you are unfortunate to be on benefits due to unforeseen circumstances or working, as it could be you in future, always remember that)! -
WOULD YOU LIKE ANOTHER PARTY - THE GOVERNMENT PLACING A CHARGE ON YOUR HOME, (if you haven't volunteered say under a help  to buy scheme that is) but PRIVATE 'owner', mortgagee?! I think you would refuse?!

There is nothing fair about this.
These SMI recipients could say receive £200 per month (or 4 week) on a £700 mortgage - therefore having to find the other £500 per month, as well as bills and necessary outgoings! So if that was (as per this Gov plan) added up, more interest, on top of mortgage that recipient is already struggling to pay, the mortgage and this CHARGE together grows even bigger. Remember NO PART OF SMI pays towards the actual mortgage - merely a small part of interest ONLY!

If you are a working FIT healthy person or on Tax Credit for example and don't agree with persons having to be on sick welfare or benefits full stop, then I urge THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX - many sick, disabled, non working people may have fought to campaign to stop something or gain for you. You cant resent genuinely sick or disabled persons or people that lose their job through no fault of their own - so don't let the Gov. punish the vulnerable even more, by forcing a claim on their homes, nor making benefits repayable!

PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE PETITION and know that if it works, at least you, your family members or future generations won't be affected, if they fall on hard times, become ill etc.

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