Changes to disability application forms and procedures

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My beloved step son has severe learning disabilities and autistic spectrum problems yet every three years myself and my wife have to fill in reams of forms and obtain doctors and specialist case workers to write supporting reports for his claim for disability benefits 

his condition hasn’t changed over 25 years and never will we still love him as our special one but we find this paper process disgusting and degrading

this government needs to have set conditions for life ie spins bifida autism Asperger loss of limbs and various other diseases and conditions most parents do not get a diagnosis as there is no name for their child’s condition, I have had a DHSS doctor attend me home and interview my son who has the mental age of four after receiving tons of expert testimony stating his condition to be granted for life a benefit only to have it cancelled under universal credit.

we are now waiting another form and visit what a waste of time and scarce resources

if you lost your legs or was paralysed would your legs grow back or you get use back I don’t think so

so please support Elliott’s petition to have a list of diagnosed conditions or acceptable symptoms were no clinical diagnosis is present to help these vulnerable children and audults

i thank you very much let’s show this uncaring government and shame ministers into action, please share with everyone