Change Gender Affirming Surgeries in NL

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This petition was made to try and change the way in which Newfoundland handles and covers gender affirming surgeries both masculinizing and feminising for transgender people. I have attached a letter sent to many people of authority in Canada, this letter was written to show that the way in which these surgeries are handled right now is beyond terrible. Please sign this petition to show them how necessary these surgeries really are. 

We thank everyone for their support!



Dear whomever it may concern,

            I am unable to breathe properly; I have something constricting me every day. My body aches and my chest feels as though it may cave in. Something I wish would happen from time to time, as a transgender person knowing I have this chest that should not be there is pure torture. You see I wear something called a binder everyday which constricts my chest. A binder is a tight-fitting vest that squeezes my chest to make it appear flatter and more masculine. Something I am forced to wear in order to feel comfortable enough to walk outside of my own house. Your body is supposed to feel like home, but mine feels more like a cage.

Unfortunately when Canada claimed for free health care they did not extend that for Trans people, even when insurances and governments in the United States started covering trans surgeries, and even other provinces in Canada my hometown of Newfoundland decided to hand us a hefty waiting list. My government is supposed to care about my well-being but I feel as though to them I am just a being.  Another person in line to get referred to Toronto, to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s (CAMH) Gender Identity Clinic for a referral for top surgery as my province is one out of the two  in all of Canada that still require this stupid process.Then they won't even let you get referred to that clinic unless you have been on hormones for over a year. A slip of paper used only to show I have gender dysphoria something doctors here could clearly tell you by the way I look at my body as if it were someone else’s in pure disgust.

            This line could be up to seven years something most people cannot wait for, only to be told you still have to pay so much out of pocket as they only cover the same as they would for someone with breast cancer because they refuse to cover chest contouring even when other provinces in Canada do. You see what they are willing to pay for leaves you with results that are miserable even after waiting half your life just to get in. This surgery is more than just a ‘gender reassignment surgery’ this surgery is my freedom. There are provinces elsewhere in my Country that cover the surgery I desire but I was a fool and settled down calling this place my hometown.

            They ask us transgender people to come forward if we need help, as our suicide rate is drastically high yet we are not even supported by our medical community. How many likes or retweets will it take for them to change how they see us, or how many votes for their political party? I bet we could make this go trending. Too many teenagers in debt after getting loans and line of credits to pay for much needed surgeries like the top surgery I need that costs $10,000, but what happens to those that cannot get these loans? We leave those to fend for themselves? Even writing this I work two jobs ten to five everyday then evenings and weekends,  a go fund me page, and a piggy bank to save every dime I can find but still no such luck.

            These surgeries can be life or death to someone yet they seem not to care. Would they want to look down when showering and be reminded every day that this part of your body just should not be there. You say there are not enough of us to do this locally but I beg to differ, I would bet I can get 100 signatures just by the end of today in our favor.

            You see this surgery will more than change my life for the better: it will make me feel flat enough, it will let me actually be able to swim without being in agony, it will let me have to stop worrying if I have had my binder on for more than eight hours, it will let me wear white shirts without wondering if people can see my binder, it will allow me to actually enjoy hugs without wondering if they can feel the size of my chest, it will let me sleep over at people’s houses without worrying about having to take my binder off to sleep, it will let me finally be able to exercise, it will allow me to not be so warm all of the time due to wearing so many layers, it will let me to finally be able to stand up straight, it will let me be able to be shirtless, it will let me be comfortable in changing rooms,  it will finally let me be free, and it will make my body finally feel like home. This surgery is needed for me to finally feel like myself.

            Newfoundland is a little behind the times even though there has been numerous news stories they have still not changed the way they handle surgeries for transgender people and I think it’s time this finally changed. The statistics are well known so I decided not to include them but I have attached links to other reports done in hopes that they will see this and finally take action.


Love, Every Transgender Person in Newfoundland.