Demand for permanent remedy from Water-logging in Karimganj Town

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 The Deputy Commissioner, Karimganj.


Sub:   Water-logging due to rain and artificial flood in Karimganj town – demand for permanent remedy.



With due appreciation for the relentless efforts of Karimganj District Administration to fight COVID and being aware of the present critical pandemic situation, we, the dwellers of Karimganj town, feel it acute and urgent to bring to your kind notice another burning problem of Karimganj town which has put the public life here to a grievous situation.

Once Karimganj was one of the decent towns of the state of Assam. Major drains of the town were with sufficient breadth and depth which easily could discharge the rain water without submerging roads and residential houses. The unplanned erection of master drainage system of Karimganj town narrowing down the original drains along with ill-management of the same has resulted in severe water-logging in Karimganj town even due to rain for a couple of hours in every monsoon for the last few years. There has been question on the drainage system constructed in the town few years back under master plan for stormwater management scheme. Although there are also other serious secondary causes for the artificial flood in Karimganj town, the presently existing ‘unscientific’ and ‘mis-implemented’ master drainage system with reduced-breadth and elevated-depth is believed to be the main reason for such water-logging.

Few decades back, when the drains of Karimganj town were deep and spacious, there was no such problem of excretion of the stormwater. Even boats were reported to run through different parts of the town carrying goods for business purpose, but there has not been any overflow of drain-water due to rain.

Further, the problem has been surmounted by the injudicious use of polythene causing blockage of the drains. At the same time, there has not been any proper planning for solid-waste management in Karimganj town. Consequently, with increase in population, a major part of the household solid-waste goes to drain causing blockage and rain-water overflow. At the same time, there has not been any initiative to maintain the water-bodies in and around the town which serve as the catchment areas for rain water and undoubtedly play significant role in proper maintenance of the drainage system. For example, the accumulation of tons of polythene, plastic bottles, garbage etc. within the master drains has caused the entire Chandhi Beel water-logged even during winter season, which has once been a good catchment area of rain-water.

Sir, as the public life invariably comes to a standstill at the wake of moderate rainfall, the problems cited above need to be addressed urgently. We, the dwellers of Karimganj town, put forward before you the following demands for immediate appropriate action in the greater public interest.

1.     Kindly arrange for a thorough inspection of the entire drainage system of Karimganj town by competent agency, renovate / demolish-and-reconstruct (if imperative) the existing master-drains and culverts for the sake of developing a techno-economically viable storm water drainage system considering long time development. For that purpose, kindly take necessary initiatives towards eviction of all the illegal encroachments on the drains and adjacent areas due to which the drains have been narrowed down making them unable to hold sufficient volume of water.   

2.     Kindly make an exhaustive, time-bound plan for solid-waste management of Karimganj town and implement the same. Kindly also take action for preventing use of non-degradable carry pouches/bags made of polythene which are already banned by the Government.

3.     Kindly take initiatives for protecting and restoring important water bodies existing in Karimganj town.

At the same time, sir, we would also request you to arrange for regular excavation of drains of the town, especially in the monsoon season.

Sir, the present distressing situation of Karimganj town demands your urgent attention for permanent solution. We are hopeful that judicious and effective initiatives from your end would certainly pose to be a booster in elevating the dwellers of Karimganj town from the presently prevailing wretched condition.


Thanking you,

Yours truly,


Copy forwarded to:

1.      Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam, Dispur, Guwahati, Assam.

2.      Hon’ble Minister for Urban Development, Govt. of Assam, Dispur, Guwahati, Assam.

3.      Sri, Kripanath Mallah, Hon’ble Member of Parliament (LS), Karimganj, Assam.

4.      Sri Kamalakhya Dey Purkayastha, Hon’ble MLA, North Karimganj, Assam.

5.      Chairperson, Karimganj (Town) Development Authority, Karimganj, Assam.

6.     Director, Town & Country Planning, Govt. of Assam, Guwahati, Assam.