Keep a murderer behind bars

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In 1993 Robert Shippman killed Juli Mathis Shippman, his estranged wife.  After, she moved into shelter, he hired a private investigator, unhappy with the results, he kidnapped her, and threatened to kill her.  Although he did release her the first time,  he was able to abduct her again, taking her to Angwin where he shot her three times. This was considered second degree murder in the courts eyes. He was given 15 years to life with 4 extra years for the use of a firearm.  He has had several(5) parole hearings and so far we have been successful in keeping him locked up. Every parole hearing gets more unsettling and we feel that the courts are getting more lenient.  Last year he was ordered to complete a domestic violence class(after serving 23 years) before he would be eligible for release in 3 years. As per the penal codes, he is up for an early release parole hearing after just 12 months and we will again attempt to keep him locked up. Despite his age, he is very fit and quite capable of doing harm to others around him. He is not prepared to live in society as it is today, he will not be successful and you have to ask yourself what might trigger another outrage.  Seriously, once a murderer always a murderer. At his age, he doesn't have much to lose, but we do.   Please sign this petition to show the courts you are not happy about his potential release.

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